Books donation from Aksharbharati

Spreading Joy Through Reading...

Aksharbharati is an initiative to nurture the reading habits in children between age group 5-15 years from underprivileged and remote areas by facilitating access to good non-academic literature. Aksharbharati work along with various NGO organizations who are active in areas where there is a requirement for a library. Read more by visting them at

SKVT Alumni Association is blessed with a generous donation from Aksharbharati, a set of 40-50 "Pratham Publications" books, towards its developing library. Sudhakar Kasina, an executive member of SKVT Alumni Association worked closely with Kailash Narwade of Aksharbharati's Pune chapter to make this possible. SKVT Alumni Association is very grateful to Mr. Narwade for his generous donation on behalf of Aksharbharati and for extending his support for future development of SKVT School's library.

Sudhakar Kasina handed over these books to SKVT School's headmistress, D. Satyavathi Madam on August  21st, 2012 on behalf of SKVT Alumni Association and Aksharbharati. SKVT School children are very excited upon the arrival of these new books and thanked everyone who made this possible.