Educational Initiatives:


"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

 Nelson Mandela


Education is one of the most important factors in the development of a nation. Textual studies contribute only to some extent in the complete development of a child. Our mission is to develop a balanced and harmonious personality by inculcating practical, physical, aesthetic, and intellectual development of our students. As an alumni association we want to join our hands to promote quality education by taking some initiatives like improving the library, conducting science fairs and labs, activities to improve language and communication skills etc.

Practical development: Science, computer and Math labs help the students to understand "how things work" and "how to make them work". They help understand the concepts better and make the learning curve interesting for students. We can encourage children to involve in small classroom projects which can improve their imagination and creative skills. Through some science fairs and activities, children can cultivate a habit of working in a team and utilize their presentation skills.

Aesthetic development: As students are not required to attend any examination for aesthetic development, they learn art, craft and music in a relaxing environment. It provides a rich and meaningful learning experience to the students, contributing to the wholesome development. 

Intellectual development: Children need "Food for thought", motivation and opportunity for intellectual development. They need the right attitude and approach towards life and we ensure to lay a strong foundation by conducting essay writing, debate, elocution and other competitions in school.  Encouraging children to involve in paper presentations will improve their ability to express their thoughts and learn about different things around us. Our mission is to create an opportunity for children to participate in such activities that can improve their communication skills.