"We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean.

But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop." 

--Mother Teresa

You can volunteer to become a part of our organization and actively participate in our mission of promoting quality education to the students. You can volunteer in various activities and events that will educate, enlighten and empower the younger generation. Get the satisfaction of helping the school kids, who will drive the bright future of our great nation.

Volunteer in organizing events in school
Participate in organizing various educational events like quiz competitions, drawing competitions, sports and games, science and mathematics exhibition, eradication of child labor programs etc. If you are a resident of the city of Rajahmundry, your participation in organizing these events will help us a great deal.

Volunteer in giving guest lecturers to the students
You can approach us in delivering guest lectures to the students on diversified topics that will benefit them to enhance their skills and give them the knowledge that text books cannot. Teach them practical ways of learning science, mathematics so that they feel education as a playful subject rather than a burden. Career guidance is one more aspect where students can benefit from the Alumni Association.

Volunteer in content writing
We are always looking for content editors and technical writers who can help the organization in preparing content for our newsletters, website pages and for media. If you have the passion and interest towards English language, please contact us!

Volunteer in graphics designing
Do you Photo Shop? Do you make home videos of your loved ones and share them on You Tube? If yes, you are the ones we are looking for, to help us out with some creative designs like banners for our forthcoming events and making videos of past events that can be displayed in our website.

Volunteer in our GO GREEN programs
We want to introduce GO GREEN programs in our schools that will bring awareness and responsibility in the younger generation and a sense of urgency to conserve our environment. We want to initiate programs like planting trees, cut down on plastic and rain water harvesting.

Volunteer in promoting us in your social network

Social networking is a powerful media now-a-days. We want your help in spreading the good word about our organization and help us in brining more Alumni under the umbrella of SKVT Alumni Association.

Volunteer for our information technology team

Our website is the front face of our organization and it requires some technical experts to maintain and administer it. If you are an expert in web development and web administration, the organization needs you and keep in up to date with the events and programs we do for the benefit of the school.

If you are interested to take part in any of the above activities do mail us your preference of participation to admin@skvtalumnitrust.org